Custom Hot Wheels Decals

09 Con Vette
10 Camaro*
GS Corvette*
14 Corvette

16 Camaro
55 Gasser

55 Belair
55 Panel
62 Pickup
62 Impala
63 Chevy 2

66 Nova*
67 Camaro.

67 Chevelle
68 Nova
69 Camaro

69 Chevelle
69 Corvette
70 Camaro
70 Chevelle
70 Monte
71 Elcamino
83 Silverado
86 Monte
PS Camaro
PS Truck
V8 Vega

67 Charger

67 Dart
69 Charger

69 Super Bee
70 Challenger
77 Dodge Van
Con Challenger

10 Mustang

15 Crew Cab
15 Mustang
32 Coupe
56 Panel
67 Mustang
67 Shelby GT
69 Boss
69 Torino
70 Mach 1
71 Mustang FC
72 Gran Torino
72 Ranchero
80 Mustang FC
84 Mustang
92 Mustang
99 Mustang
Con Mustang
70's Super Van

HW Models
Combat Medic

Dairy Delivery
{See Dairy Series}
Dixie Challenger
Hiway Hauler
Mini DD
Muscle Tone
VW Drag Bus
VW Kombi

68 Barracuda

70 Cuda
70 Cuda FC
70 Roadrunner*
71 GTX
71 Arrow FC

65 GTO
67 GTO
PS Firebird
Tribal Flames
Long Tribal Flames
Hot Rod Flames
Rally Stripes

Multiple Car Series Decal
American Iron
Bedrock Racing
Big Shot Fuel Systems
Billy The Kid
Bozo 4 President
Candy Striper
Cardiac Arrest
Checker Mustang
Chicago Bullies
Chi Town Enforcer
Chubba Bubba Bubble Gum
Cobra Jet
Color Me Gone
E&H Pistons
Faded Mustangs
Fear Me
FedUp Express
General Lee
Go Postal
Groucho Racing
Gun Control
Heartbeat of America
Hemi Under Glass
Herbie Auto Service's
Hot Lips
Hot Rod Cab Co.
Jungle Jim Drag Racing
Last Call
Mighty Mopower
Moon Racing Delivery
Moonshine Racing
Motown Missile
Quarter Mile Taxi
Ramchargers Drag Racing
Rat Fink
Red Baron
Show Time Drag Racing
Slingshot Transmissions
Snake Eyes
Snake & Mongoose
Snap Off Tools
Sox & Martin
The Judge GTO
Tiger Shark
Timeless Tiger
Wonder Racing
Yenko Racing

Dairy Deliveries

American Motorcycles
Auto Parts Repair
Beer Wine Spirits
Food / Snacks

Gas / Oil
British Petroleum
Gulf Oil
Phillips 66
Postal Service
Soda Pop
Soldiers Cross

U.S. Military
Air Force
125th FS Tulsa Vipers
148th FS Kickin Ass
15th Air Force
27th Special Ops
2nd Bomb Wing
308th Emerald Knights
32nd Air Operations
334th FS Fighting Eagles
4th Fighter Squadron
838th Bomb Squadron
93rd Fighter Sq. Mako's
Air Force Thunderbirds
U.S. Army
11th Armored Cavalry
160th Night Stalkers
189th Ghost Riders
3rd Sq. 7th Cavalry
Army Air Force Flying Tigers
Nuclear Delivery
Special Forces Airborne

U.S. Border Patrol
Coast Guard
MSWW Ace Support
VMF-213 Hell Hawks

VMFA-122 Crusaders
Blue Angels
Blue Blasters
VAQ-138 Yellow Jackets
USS Carriers
VAQ-129 Vikings
VF-84 Jolly Roger
VFA-41 Black Aces
VFA-87 Golden Warriors

55 Chevy Panel Truck Delivery

55 Chevy Panel Truck Custom 1/64 Scale Water Slide Decals

. .

ARAC05W Checker Flame 55 Panel Truck

Checker Flame
White Back Decal



ARAC353C Rat Pack Racing 55 Panel Truck

Rat 454
Clear Back Decal


AAUT2C Ferrari Italia 55 Panel Truck

Ferrari Italia
Clear Back Decal

. .

AAUT18C Busted Knuckles 55 Panel Truck

Busted Knuckles
Clear Back Decal


AAUT33C Peterbilt 55 Panel Truck

Clear Back Decal


ANAV266C US Navy Yellow Jackets 55 Panel Truck

Navy Yellow Jackets
Clear Back Decal

. . 

ANAV252C US Navy Blue Angels 55 Panel Truck

US Navy Fat Albert Blue Angels
Clear Back Decal


AHUM111C Chicago Bullies 55 Panel Truck

Chicago Bullies
Clear Back Decal


ACHR01C Happy Holidays 55 Panel Truck

Clear Back Decal

ARAC357C Snake 55 Panel Truck

Snake & Mongoose
Clear Back Decal



ARAC354C Mongoose 55 Panel Truck

Snake & Mongoose
Clear Back Decal




AMOT254C Big Twin Harley 55 Panel Truck

Clear Back Decal


. .

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Decals Require Clear Coat Before Submerging Into Water
Decal Instructions
Decal Descriptions Ending In C  Are Printed on Clear Film Designed for Light Back Ground Projects
Ending in W   Printed on White Film Designed For Dark Back Ground Projects

Images Shown Have Been Reduced to 300px & 40 dots per inch and faded Approximately 4% of Actual Decal Size.