Terms of Sale

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Our Decals
Flamingcolor decals are printed using water base transparent inks
Decal graphics require a clear coat spray paint  before being submerging into water SEE COMPLETED DECAL INSTRUCTIONS HERE
Printed at 600 dots per inch on high quality decal films
Decal Prints are high Quality sharp crisp detailed images brilliant colors
All posted images are as is an can not be modified minus watermarks

Art Creation
We can create your next club or event car
Minimum order 20 decal sets with a 20 percent non refundable deposit
before any art is started
We do not create 1 off decals do to art time

Contact Us @ flamingcolors@gmail.com for details
Subject Title Art Creation
Give us a detailed description of Art concept
Car Casting name & year
Art Needed
If needed send us a rough concept of your idea to email address above

Time frame to complete normally 1-2 weeks from idea to final concept image of graphics
please be very specific on art Placement of images on image Colors Fonts style so there is limited back and fourth time to create art

Art fees are based on actual time to create art


All Shipping of Our products are shipped by united states postal service within the united states at a flat rate of $3.85 First Class Package with tracking
Delivery Time 4-10 Days Excluding weekends & Government Holidays

All sales are handled thru Paypal for your security and ours
for record of sale and USPS delivery tracking

We only ship to address provided by Paypal

International Shipping to Canada only $14.75 Flat Rate
We do not ship internationally
Orders from other countries will be refunded minus paypal fees if any

We do not offer cash back returns but well replace any defected decal at our expense.
Printed Decal Missing graphics, mis prints damage in delivery Proof of defect can be done by returning product in some cases a photo of proof may be enough


We well not offer replacement any defected product if caused by customers
Failure to clear coat decal before submerging into water or
Lack of decal experience Appling decals



Sale Starts Every Thursday 12:01 AM Ends 11:59 PM CST

All decals are printed at 600 dots per inch Highly detailed Crisp Prints Brilliant Colors
decals are printed using water base inks and require Clear COAT SPRAY PAINT before submerging into water Appling Your Custom Decals


All back ground graphics of our decals are the sole copyrighted property of flamingcolors registered with the library of congress. for personal use ONLY Resale is Prohibited

Any reproduction digital printed copies on paper decal film or any other medium of our Automotive back ground graphics including custom flames racing stripes Surf Boards in part or whole without the authorized written consent from flamingcolors is a violation of federal law and subject to federal felony charges and fines up to $100.000.00 Dollars per  violation
We will fully enforce this law for no other reason than to bankrupt person or persons in lawyer court fees & Travel Expenses to appear in court
Proof of graphic ownership well be provided in court proceedings
Purchase of our products in a agreement of the above Terms
Flamingcolors reserves the right to refuse service to anyone violating our terms of sale and not limited to above statement

Appling Your Custom Decals